QUAR (quarantine) + BAR (soap) = QUARBAR

I want to say THANK YOU for being here and following us along on our journey through soap!

My family and I were feeling the effects of quarantining just like most. Some of the challenges for us was keeping the kids busy and having them wash their little hands. That was the start of our idea!

Let's back up a bit....about a year after losing my Mom to cancer (which was the hardest thing in my LIFE) we started seeing signs that my mom (Grammie) was "around". We would find heart shape things EVERYWHERE! We felt it was my Mom "showing" us her LOVE. This was the piece we needed to create Quarbar!

We make handmade soap using a heart shape gem hidden inside. It encourages our kiddos (or adults) to wash their hands and get something special inside to display or just collect! Each bar and gemstone is unique in its own way. Made with LOVE from our hands to yours!